Regional committee -SLIVEN

Regional committee – SLIVEN


Regional Committee for Preschool Education – ОМЕP – Sliven was established on February 18, 2000. All the city’s kindergartens are members as 12 collective members – 203 pedagogues. By decision of the General Meeting as Chairman of the Regional Committee / RC / – Sliven is selected Dina Ivanova – v. Expert on pre-school education in RIE – Sliven, cashier – Irina Dyulgerova , Director of Kindergarten „Elitsa“ – Sliven, secretary – Galina Nikolova, director of kindergarten „Verzhin and Haik Papazian“ – Sliven.

The Regional Committee – RCPE in Sliven to BNC-OMEP has the status of a legitimate and operating committee.

Our priority is the concern for the welfare, protection and quality education and upbringing of children in the context of national and European dimensions. We strive to achieve that by constantly updating the information support system, organizing innovative forms of training, work with parents, cooperation with other organizations and institutions whose activities are aimed at benefiting children.

The activity of the RC RCPE Sliven features a number of sustainable initiatives:

The Regional Committee –OMEP – Sliven create a newsletter that includes all planned and conducted activities. The first issue came out in December 2002. The information is found and interpreted by a team of editors. Each kindergarten thatis a member in the organization has a representative in the editorial board. The newsletter is distributed to all kindergartens, in various institutions partnering RC – OMEP.

A charity exhibition – bazaar with drawings and products made by children from kindergartens in Sliven– is organized every year. All participants in the exhibition receive gifts and diplomas from the organizers: RIO – Sliven, Municipality of Sliven, Regional Committee for preschool –OMEP– Sliven and sponsors.

The raised funds are used to buy materials for the creativity development of children with special educational needs and children from families in need in kindergartens of the city.

For few years RC OMEP has organized a competition for teachers – artists from preschool system of different themes in two sections: the essay, poetry, story or picture. The aim of the contest is to promote the creativity development and innovative potential of every teacher and stimulate self-expression through the use of speech and visual techniques.

Конкурс за учители-творци

Teachers and principals, members of RC OMEP participate in various national forums with reports and presentations on the problems of preschool education. Colleagues describe their positive educational experience in educational journals.

In 2014, Sliven hosted the seventh National Conference „We are holding the future in hand“ dedicated to 10th anniversary of the introduction of compulsory pre-school education as an important measure to ensure school readiness of the children and equal chance at entering the first grade.

In the national forum included more than 350 participants – representatives of the Ministry of Education, the executive, the regional inspectorates of education in the country, researchers, directors and kindergarten teachers, social partners, publishers of textbooks for preschool children, media and other guests.


The event gave the opportunity to share and promote good teaching and management practices from the highly responsible and dedicated work with children – preschool preparation. It contributes to their more successful socialization in society, the development of skills necessary when they enter into first grade, to motivate parents to send their children to kindergarten and school.

 With the clear conviction that pre-school is the stage where the education and upbringing can most effectively influence the development of children, the guests visited the conference Sliven 10 kindergartens and watching good pedagogical practices in the work of teachers and children.

Scientific leaders of the National Conference of Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski „and PU“ of Plovdiv summarized the results and proposals of the discussion participants in the three thematic sections. The findings were submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science.

We created their website /, which is accessible through the website of the RIE – Sliven in section

Traditionally conduct biking show „Faster than Sliven’s Wind“ devoted to May 9 – Europe Day. Children’s show offers the spectators true sports emotions along the central avenue of the City Garden. The biking show is organized by the Municipality of Sliven Regional Inspectorate – Sliven and RC OMEP.

Riders from 13 kindergartens join in the sport event – with operable technically bicycles, provided medical care, attractive tracksuits / helmets, knee pads, logos of the teams, reflective signs and vests / marked racing road and colorful decoration of children’s drawings and flags . The suitable background music and the professional sports commentary make dynamic and cheerful mood.


For participation in an international project entitled „Equality for sustainability“ – the directors of Kindergarten „C. and H. Papazyan „and Kindergarten“ Elitsa „were awarded diplomas and gold badges of the World Organization for preschool OMEP.

Kindergarten „Elitsa“ participates in European project of OMEP „Water and eco-culture“ in partnership with Greece – Preschool Education Pedagogical Department – University of Crete.In the project has joined the educators from kindergarten «Elica» with the children and their parents. University of Crete gave very high marks to the work. The team received a certificate of BNC RCPE for their participation in the project.

In the competition by the foundation „Saint Evtimij Bulgarian Patriarch“ – Sofia, partner of BNC-OMEP, two teachers from kindergarten „C. and H. Papazyan „were awarded first and second prize in the section for essay“ What Andersen’s tales taught us. „

Many principals and teachers from Sliven, members of RCPE are winners of prestigious awards – the award Konstantin Velichkov „,“ Neofit Rilski „Sofronii Vrachanski,“ „Argira Zhechkova.“

We made membership cards for all members of the RC – Sliven.

Strengthening the sense of belonging to the members in Sliven World Organization RCPE elaboration of – pens, organizers, advertising stationery and envelopes that are used for communication with other institutions and agencies with the name and logo of RCPE. We attracted sponsors who support our initiatives, convinced that what we do, both in kindergartens in the city. Sliven, and the RC – RCPE – Sliven is best for our younger students.

All initiatives RC – OMEP – Sliven in partnership with other institutions are published regularly by the media in the city and the region – electronic and press.


Деца от детска градина в Сливен