European Newsletter – Bulletin, November 2019

2019-9 European Newsletter-OMEP

World OMEP – European Newsletter, November 2019


Now is the time for State parties to renew their commitments, redouble their efforts and take all possible actions to fulfill the rights of all children and especially for the most vulnerable and children at risk. We call on all governments to take immediate action to guarantee the children a safe life and for each boy and every girl to develop to their fullest potential, leaving no one behind.

Ingrid Engdahl

Please send me reports about what happened in your country on November 20, 2019!


I would like to inform you about the celebration organized by the BNC- OMEP on 15 October marking the anniversary of the UNCRC, together with our partners from: Ministry of Education, UNESCO, UNICEF, Agency for Child Protection, National Network for Children, Caritas- Sofia, and others. There was an active participation of about 100 teachers, who presented materials and shared their experience on the topic, rights of children. The subject of the round table was “ The voice of children“.

Elena Roussinova

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